shorts showcase

The Go West Film Festival is proud to support these local and independent filmmakers with our Shorts Showcase.

Join us Wednesday, November 13, at the Kress at 6:30 p.m. for the following seven films.

Attendees will vote for their favorite!

Grandpa's Blizzard Story.jpg

Grandpa’s Blizzard Story

Directed by Stephen Hume. 5 mins.

In 1920, two young boys become lost in a blizzard and survive after spending the night out in the open.

Speak Again2.jpg

Speak Again

Directed by Jared LaCroix and Jacob Abell. 28 mins 25 sec.

Operating a lonely cattle ranch in 1893, Marcy’s solitude is interrupted by the presence of Father George, an itinerant priest who turns up delirious and lost on Marcy’s land. George recovers his strength in Marcy’s care. In the process, the two open up about their pasts and reflect on what it means to live alone.

Santa Fe Station.jpg

Santa Fe Station

Directed by Susan Davis. 6 mins 31 sec.

An old lawman describes his past to a stranger he meets in a train station.

Picture Jasper.jpg

Picture Jasper

Directed by H. Nelson Tracey. 20 mins.

On the border between Oregon and Idaho, Steve Schultz, a lifelong man of the American West, mines picture jasper, a rare form of rock that produces spectacular finished jewelry products. Through booms and busts, he works to find these natural treasures.

Walking Papers3.jpg

Walking Papers

Directed by Micheal Willbanks. 22 mins 30 sec.

Joe is at his post as a security guard at a rural bank on his last day of work before being forced into retirement. As the last hour of his employment strikes, the bank is robbed at gunpoint, and Joe must then make a decision: Will he let these men get away with the bank's money? Or will he go after them, risking his life to protect a bank that has shown him no mercy?

Corvette Cowboy2.jpg

Corvette Cowboy

Directed by Adele Franck. 2 mins 24 sec.

As twilight lurks over an empty parking lot, a man in brown boots sits idly against his car. As he slowly makes his way into a dimly lit discount mattress store, it’s important not to judge a cowboy by his boots.

Dragon Song2.jpg

Dragon Song

Directed by David McClister. 18 mins 46 sec.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, survivors Lamberic White and Spiney Shamblins remain lost in the ongoing chaos of a living hell. Lamberic, enraged by Spiney's drunken abuse of his wife Veronica, responds with grim measures, leading to momentous consequence.